Filmdreharbeiten "Tosca Variation" auf Kampnagel beginnen
preparation „Orfeo tour“ 2010
meeting David Schnell for „The Spring“
production reunion teatri uniti
working with Ai Weiwei

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Wer nicht arbeitet soll auch nicht essen: „Schneller, schneller, freundlich bleiben! Wollen sie den Job wirklich? Ich seh’s noch nicht, Sie und die Druckventile?“

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times: 9 - 18h (your local time)

times: 9 - 18h (your local time)

Projekte 2009

Tosca Variationen

Tosca is a german-italian Coproduction. Italian actors, a german singer and two musicians appear in a chamber version of this classic piece of opera, which allows to concentrate...

Der Zwerg/ Florentinische Tragödie

The main aspect of a production of A. Zemlinskys short operas The Dwarf and The Florentine Tragedy was a collaboration of Andreas Bode with the chinese artist Ai Wei Wei...

La Didone

The humorous masterpiece about the abandoned Dido by Franceso Cavalli is a fantastic playground for scenic exploration and thus a wonderful piece for an educative project.